Living tennis legend, Serena Williams is giving me all kinds of life in her new spread with Vanity Fair Magazine. The athlete is depicted in her full glory, a very pregnant woman (check out her article here). Her spread has a slight edge to it, without taking away from her baby “bump.”

What I love most about these images, is that they seemserena-williams-08-17-ss02 to have very little, if any editing.It is very clear that her body is not Photoshopped, you can see the texture of her skin, as if she were there in person. In her cover image, you can see the small moles and blemishes on her skin, that show she is a real woman.

Ms. Williams is mighty fierce by taking part in such a photo shoot, and I think it was very much needed. We live in a time where many, or dare I say most women, struggle to accept themselves. Mothers with newborns are being condemned for feeding their babies in public, being expected to hide in a bathroom stall. Girls of all ages are being told they are too fat or too skinny, and then being criticized for the methods they use to change such scrutiny.

I really hope that this shoot, will lead to more of its kind. Publication of men AND women, in their true forms, flaws and all, is very much needed. Lets see where this goes.